LaBac is a hacker collective combatting tech-enabled abuse.

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LaBac is an international collective that develops projects that advance values of online consent, privacy, equity and liberty. Founded with the principle of fighting dystopia, LaBac plans to drive technology forward to better protect underprivileged members that technology underserves.

Put in a vault

Performing security assessments for at-risk and targeted people to bolster their defenses.

Providing security products and consulting services for the underresourced

Creating, curating and supporting community works that progress personal security confidence.

Security assessments and investigations

Monitoring pervasive threats online and investigating harassment campaigns.

Museum of Modern Malware

The Museum of Modern Malware is a pop-up art exhibit demonstrating artistic interpretations of malware and hacking. The curators’ vision was to capture the dark side of technology through traditional, digital, and experimental mediums.

The MoMal premiered at DEFCON 27 in Las Vegas.

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Usage data
Absolute security

In the News: Shedding Light on Underground Exchange of Tinder Profiles

LaBac found a collection of 70,000 pictures--all of them women-- scraped from Tinder. Such a collection is the goldmine for fraudsters looking to create fake personas and profiles across the web.

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